Gilda, founder and owner of Eenblond TOURS is a 14th– generation South African, born in Johannesburg, the city she loves and understands. She was nicknamed Eenblond (meaning one blonde in Afrikaans) when she went on a solo travel journey with her rescue dog, Pixel, and captured the hearts of people all over the world.

Gilda, an avid traveller brings her style of travel to her guests, turning tourists into travellers. Eenblond TOURS focuses on experience tourism, where our guests are introduced to the real South Africa, the way we locals live, explore and experience it every day. We involve and support the communities we travel in, we meet and talk to the locals, smell and taste the local vibes in all its beauty and rawness. We offer a variety of standard tours, but specialise in doing custom tours. Any tour listed here can be changed to suit your needs and desires. 

Why are we different?

  • Eenblond TOURS support the communities we travel in through the Open Mind Foundation by supporting local NGO’s and community projects.
  • We support entrepreneurship, and involve entrepreneurs on all our tours. Your money will not only go to the operator and museums, we inject tourism money back into our communities. 
  • Eenblond Tours do not support animals kept and bred in captivity for the tourist trade, and hope to educate our guests regarding the terrible practice of animal interactions. 
  • We do not support poverty tourism.
  • WE do not offer “zoo-tourism”. Instead of busloads of groups on a strict museum to museum itinerary, we prefer smaller, personal tours where the day is designed around your needs.