Eenblond on Fire


With the outbreak of the Covid pandemic in 2020, tourism came to an overnight end. With savings and donations from loyal guests fast disappearing, Gilda had to make a plan to stay afloat. Trapped at home, her fireplace was what kept cold, isolated winter nights cosy. An idea was born, and with her trusted Hilux, Gilda sourced the best quality, sustainable wood to sell as fireplace wood in her neighbourhood. 

Great pricing and service saw this hustle turn into a permanent business. Joburg was inspired, and Eenblond on Fire was featured on radio and in several newspapers and publications.

Firewood available

17 bags Rooi Karee Hard Wood – slow burning, low ash

3 bags kindling to get your fire started

Price: R520

Delivery in Johannesburg and Pretoria from R80, please enquire

WhatsApp message (no phone orders) to order:  082 472 6414